Auronzo, surrounded by woods, rocks and valleys which are among the most beautiful in the world, is also very rich in history, culture and traditions. Wandering about its streets, the sensation you feel is that of an ancient village that melts with modernity. The archaeological digs from the Roman age and the ancient churches show the historical importance of the town.

An unforgettable and touching excursion, suitable for all, is the climb on Monte Piana to visit the historical open air Museum of the First World War and to go through trenches, galleries, emplacements where Italian and German fought one against the other; from there you can in addition enjoy a 360° panorama on the most famous Dolomiti mountains.

During your stay in Auronzo you can’t miss a guided tour in the Somadida Forest, in the area Palus San Marco, where the forest rangers can accompany you discovering this ancient wood, once owned by the Serenissima Venice Republic. Here take refuge animals like foxes and deers, and were even found traces of the passage of bears. In this protected environment you can observe some of the most beautiful flowers of the Dolomites.

Corte Metto Palace, situated in the downtown, houses the Museum of Fauna, Flora and Mineralogy. The naturalistic collection is rich in local animal species, minerals, rock specimens, fossils, ethnographic finds correlated to the mining activities of the mines in the Ansiei Valley and the recent archaeological section that holds the local findings.

On the lake you can do canoeing and fishing or rent a pedalo and let the water cradle you, here take also place speed boat and canoe racings on an international level.
Other cultural events and shows aren’t lacking, the most important is “Auronzoincontra” which sees also the participation of well-known personalities from show business, journalism, literature and politics