The opportunities of fun, sport and relax for the snow and mountain lovers, but who aren’t passionate of ski, are very numerous. Auronzo and Misurina offer, in an enchanting Dolomitic panorama, the possibility to walk through the snow, surrounded by really spectacular white-snow Dolomitic peaks, far from the more crowded places.

On the Monte Agudo slopes children (but not only children!) can have fun with exciting descents with sledges or be cuddled by the sun in the solarium of Refuge Monte Agudo, easily reachable with the chairlift; in addition, in Auronzo it’s possible to go iceskating in the wonderful covered Ice Stadium, in the downtown.

Engines are at home in locality Palus San Marco where you can watch stirring drive tests on completely iced circuits, or venture into competitions and prove your ability trying to drive go-karts on a sure iced track with crash helmet and suit to protect yourself from the freezing cold.

In Misurina there are a lot of possible trips and walks on the snow and the panorama from every corner is really incomparable. Refuge Bosi, some minutes from the top of Monte Piana, can be reached on foot or with snowmobiles. The track is very pleasing, it goes through woods and the view gets increasingly spectacular: the Cadini Group, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Croda Rossa, the Popena. Another trip could be going up with snowmobiles or snowshoes until the foot of the Tre Cime and coming back down sledding or bobsledding. Leaving from Col De Varda you can walk until Refuge Città di Carpi, maybe with skins on your feet, in a very quiet environment, in the most absolute tranquillity.